Dallas High Life TV & Radio Show features the Highlights & High Life of Dallas. A relocation destination source for those interested in moving to the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. Dallas High Life gives others a platform to be recognized, honored, and discovered. Talk Show Host – Dalphne Davis will inspire you with a special segments of her shows called, “PAY IT FORWARD”  & “M’POWER ME.” PIF will feature guest(s) and their mission to do a good deed for an organization or individual(s) of their choice with audience interaction.

M’POWER ME the empowerment segment of the show offers words of wisdom, advice & opinions , business tips, and strategies to improve the everyday life. MPM has branched into the Business Empowerment Academy; offering workshops for the aspiring and struggling entrepreneur. Mentoring others to position themselves for success, generate more business, and gain momentum in their business. Her goal is to REALIGN. REGENERATE. RECONNECT. her clients for a Better Business Tomorrow!

 The multi-talented Real Estate Broker will intrigue and entertain you with exclusive adventures in real estate, lavish lifestyles, interviews, and live performances. Fascinating the senses with outstanding architecture, Dallas’s rich history, luxury homes, enchanting landscapes, fashion, business, entertainment, politics, and the WOW that makes Dallas, so famous. Journey with Dalphne, as she displays the High Life & Highlights of Dallas….Bringing Adventure to Life!

Dallas High Life Radio has also, expanded its radio show into a network. Offering other internet radio host an opportunity to take their brand to the next level. Come join us as we inspire, uplift, and motivate others to be the best that God has created them to be!

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