The Coaching Chef

From Guns to Gourmet, Walda Collins has done an about face into the kitchen. She’s not your typical “life coach.” Walda is a Personal Chef and Life Alignment Strategist, known as “The Coaching Chef”. When Chef CoCo is not strategically planning healthy life changing meals; she is giving life changing instructions to help you live A Better Life Now!

Walda Collins is an experienced, twenty-three year Marine Corps veteran, faith & life enthusiast, writer, and Personal Chef. Owner and Chef of Strategic AlignMint, Walda shares her passion to encourage, equip and empower her clients to successfully enhance their lives through the power of healthy, wholesome foods.

Check out her new TV show coming in October. We’ll keep you posted!

“Strategic AlignMint is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle!”

Ready! Set! Align!