Start Your Own Radio Show

Become a part of the innovative wave of radio! The internet! Listeners from around the world are waiting to tune into what you have to say. Today’s technology has made it possible to be seen and heard any and every where with our small mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and computers.

Dallas High Life Radio Network is seeking talented individuals who have the spirit to change lives, the voice to speak, the message to teach, and the gift to entertain. We are looking for good clean radio shows that bring hope, peace, and tranquility to all mankind.

Take your brand to the next level by hosting a weekly show on the Dallas High Life Radio Network. We are interested in those who have a love for TV & Radio! Have the gift of gab? Well let it out by hosting your very own talk show. We are looking for these shows and more: Cooking, Sports, Entertainment, Business, Ministry, Empowerment, Coaching, Health, Fitness, & Beauty, Fashion, Music, Honey-Do’s, Teen shows, and anything your creative mind can think of.

Call today for your appointment and let’s get your SHOW started now! 469-434-HIGH (4444)

Email: media1@dallashighlifetv.com