Our Lives Matter, When One Hurts, We All Hurt

Today, America stands in the judgement of another tragedy. The beloved City of Dallas has been deemed partakers in this tragic triangle against police brutality. As a proud citizen and native of Dallas, I find our city pretty peaceful and welcoming. Dallas is still that city of brotherly love. One[…]

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Out with The New, In with The Old

  The Baby Face, New Edition Concert was a Wednesday Night Wonder! The Verizon Center at Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie, Texas continues to bring artist from around the world to make Dallas a great place for entertainment. The guys were truly in the spirit of performing their greatest[…]

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Department Stores Have A Big Problem

Seems it’s less about the stuff these days. Consumers are spending more on experiences, from travel to a meal out, which is chipping away at sales of tangible things, like clothing. And when shoppers do buy apparel, they’re gravitating to off-price retailers such as T.J. Maxx and Nordstrom JWN +0.59% Rack, and[…]

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Asian Americans on the Rise in Real Estate

“Asian Americans” The Next Big Boom in the Housing Market. The Asian American community has become the fastest-growing minority demographic in the country and their stake in home ownership is quickly widening. By 2024, 1.8 million more Asian households will be formed, according to the newly released Asian Real Estate[…]

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First Time Homebuyer

A House is not a Home-The Millennials

  A look at millennials and their buying power   Millennials have been a hot topic for the housing industry worldwide. Why? Because this next generation is unlike any other with respect to marketing. Corporations like Visio Financial Services know the power of investing in critical research to delve into how this[…]

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CYNTHIA REID WILLS-Content of Character

Cynthia Reid Wills is an entrepreneur, author, writer, playwright, Cynthia Reid Wills bears it all “How would you feel if your father was the most famous Mann in the world….and he denied you at birth?worked many years in the capacity of cleaning. Her true passion is writing, producing, stage and[…]

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Vandell Andrew – Smooth Jazz

Dallas-Fort Worth musician dossier: Vandell Andrew traveled from New Orleans … Smooth jazz saxophonist Vandell Andrew arrived in North Texas after Hurricane Katrina and made this his home. Let me introduce you to Vandell Andrew, a smooth jazz alto saxophonist with a penchant for soul and funk music. Age: 25.[…]

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