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Cynthia Reid Wills is an entrepreneur, author, writer, playwright, Cynthia Reid Wills bears it all “How would you feel if your father was the most famous Mann in the world….and he denied you at birth?worked many years in the capacity of cleaning. Her true passion is writing, producing, stage and movie productions.

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She started writing in 1982 after fleeing an abusive marriage that had languished for two years; living in Los Angeles, California at the time, but I went home to Spartanburg, South Carolina. Staying at her mother’s house, Cynthia found an old diary that she kept as a teen. She took it with her and continued reading and rewriting the stories in it just as a way of rebuilding her life and recalled a life-changing experience in 1966 when she (along with two others) desegregated a junior high school in Spartanburg. This rewriting lasted for years, and in 1999, published CONTENT OF CHARACTER. (Library of Congress Card Catalogue Number: 071-458224)

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  1. Ms Wills is a very phenomenal young lady. She is a good writer, who also supports others in their artistic endeavors. She has a gracious and loving spirit.

  2. I truly enjoyed the book Ritch Mann and the play. Also love the book Content Of Character. Both could easily be a movie. Cynthia is awesome!!!

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